Product Description:
Our ultralight sleeping pad is designed to fit INSIDE most adult regular sized sleeping bags, including mummy style bags. Why inside? By insulating the pad from the cold air and ground, you will stay warmer. This also ensures you can’t roll off the pad in your sleep. The soft 30D stretch polyester material is more comfortable and quiet than the competition, and wicks away moisture while drying quickly.
Product Features:
100% new construction
Unique inside-bag design works for all adult size sleeping bags including “Mummy” design bags.
Ultralight 390 Gram weight.
The Pad features a stretch polyester cloth surface and an elastic TPU core. This increases comfort and wicks away perspiration.
Quilted pad shape maintains uniform support that is suitable for back, side and stomach sleepers.
Two-way air valve, open the first level valve to inflate the pad through a one-way silicon valve. Deflate by lifting the lower valve allowing rapid air release.
Lightweight and compact design includes storage bag.
Product Specification:
Type Inflatable Camping Pad
Colors Blue and Orange
Material 30D Stretch polyester + TPU core
Valve 2-way TPU inflation valve
Weight 380 Grams
Inflated size 2’0″ x 6’2″ x 13″ (610 x 1870 x 340mm) Average thickness:
Packed size
11″ x 4″ (65 x 280mm)

Package Includes:
1 x Camping pillow
1 x Storage package


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