Ultralight Camping Pillow


COMPACT AND LIGHT- At just 78 Grams (2.75 oz.), You will not find a lighter inflatable pillow for your traveling, office nap or camping needs. Our Ultralight Pillow folds down to just 5×2, about the volume of a baseball at 15.7 cubic inches, and comes with a convenient drawstring carry bag.

SOFT, STRETCHY, COMFORTABLE, Quiet. – We use a soft stretch fabric laminated to an air tight TPU core shaped to cradle your neck and hold the pillow in place all night long. Adjust the comfort by adding or releasing air for a just-right night sleep. Inflates to 17.25 x 12 x 5.25 inches

DURABLE AND PUNCTURE RESISTANT TPU – Advanced Thermoplastic Polyurethane is a super stretchy and resilient material that is highly resistant to punctures and tears. Its Hydrolytic stability (resistance to water) ensures long life.

EASY TO INFLATE / DEFLATE Our 2-way valve design allows for fast inflation using 3-5 breaths with the top valve opened, and deflates almost instantly with the larger lower valve open.

MUMMY BAG COMPATIBLE The profile and size of our pillow is designed to fit inside most mummy style adult sleeping bags, ensuring it stays in place all night and keeps you WARMER.


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